• Quantum Healing


    Diana Marion is a Quantum Energy Clearing and Empowerment Specialist. She has been trained in numerous healing modalities, tools and processes and has mastered energetic techniques through her 20 + years of experience. With her psychic capacities and incredible gift for tuning into energy, she absolutely loves to burst old paradigms and remove unwanted energies that are keeping people from knowing how truly unstoppable they are! People walk into her space stuck, blocked, heavy and trapped in their limitations and walk out with a totally new and different perspective on their life and with an absolute knowing, that so much more is truly possible for them. A session with Diana can clear those hidden, unseen, often unconscious energies holding you back and contribute to you moving forward by aligning you to the life and living you would truly love to be choosing!

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  • Cosmetic Injectables


    Monica is a cosmetic injector who has 20 years experience in treating skin conditions and aesthetics. Combining her vast beauty background with nursing has provided Monica with a unique blend of skills that unite shape and form, whilst being supported by a solid medical understanding. It is this combination that is so important in providing a professional result that makes clients feel at ease in the knowledge that they are in excellent hands. Monica will provide a holistic approach so that clients’ needs are being met across a range of methods. This will not only leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, but feeling wonderful about…YOU!

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