Infrared Therapy


Single (45 mins)



Sweat with a friend (45 mins)



Three in Sauna (45 mins)



Therapy Benefits

Infrared Sauna therapy uses Near, Mid and Far wavelengths to heat your body on a cellular level, giving you a deep relaxing detoxifying experience.

Infrared Therapy Available Options

So many options to choose from when you want to enjoy some sauna time!

The experience

When you enter your private sauna room you change in to the wraps provided (or you can wear your own choice of clothing).

Select the program of your choice from the screen (we will explain the options on your first visit) and enjoy temperatures of 5-70 degrees Celsius with no humidity. Sit or lie back in comfort and either watch Netflix, listen to music or relax in the quiet.

Water is provided, so don’t forget to stay hydrated during your session.

Infrared Therapy FAQs

Virtual 360° tour

We deeply care about you and your body needs. We spend a lot of time understanding your needs so you use the best therapies.


How to Prepare

Ready to sauna? Here are some tips for your experience!

Make a Infrared Therapy Booking

Get ready to detox, improve your circulation and feel the amazing benefits of infrared sauna!

Combine with other therapies

Bundling therapies to create the ultimate day at LōKAHI can provide the most benefits to your body.