Oxygen Therapy


60 mins



Therapy Benefits

Normally, our blood oxygen saturation level sits at 21%. When you are in the Oxygen Pod, the pressure you’re exposed to increases the blood oxygen levels in your blood stream to 35%. This can have significant positive effects on your body.

Oxygen Therapy Available Options

Our regular session is below, you can couple with other therapies to feel even more amazing!

The experience

Simply position yourself comfortably in the pod, on your back with a pillow under your head and under your knees for support.

As the pressure is slightly increased, you may feel a slight popping of the ears (similar to being on a plane). We will remain with you as the pressure reaches optimum levels.

Whilst you lay there, relax, and breathe, your blood oxygen levels will slowly rise.

Oxygen Therapy FAQs

Virtual 360° tour

We deeply care about you and your body needs. We spend a lot of time understanding your needs so you use the best therapies.

If you have had a cold, you may still have some inflammation in your ear canal and we recommend to wait a few days before entering the chamber to ensure there is no discomfort.

You may feel a slight popping as the pressure in the chamber increase (similar to being on a plane). There should however not be painful. If you are feeling discomfort simply let us know and we can reduce the pressure or exit you from the chamber.


How to Prepare

Air time is relaxing and only a couple of things to help prepare.

Make a Oxygen Therapy Booking

Spend an hour with us and enjoy all the benefits of Oxygen therapy.

Combine with other therapies

Bundling therapies to create the ultimate day at LōKAHI can provide the most benefits to your body.