Hot/Cold Therapy


Single Hot/Cold session (45 mins)



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Therapy Benefits

Immersing your body in an infrared sauna session, then taking an icy plunge, is the ultimate detox and rejuvenation!

Hot/Cold Therapy Available Options

Feel the benefits of hot and cold therapy, solo or with a friend!

The experience

We recommend have a 20-30 minute sauna session, enjoying the detox and warmth. After a quick rinse in the shower, enter the ice bath swiftly (but not rushing!) and immerse to your neck and remain still and relaxed for 3-5 minutes (use the timer to help). Then exit carefully and have another cool rinse if you need before dressing.

You have the room for 45 minutes, so you can also opt to ice bath first, then sauna and then finish with another ice bath. The experience is yours to enjoy.

Watch our video and get ready to feel great!

Hot/Cold Therapy FAQs

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We deeply care about you and your body needs. We spend a lot of time understanding your needs so you use the best therapies.

We recommend to have a 20-30 minute sauna session followed by the ice bath. This will provide great benefits and be the easiest for your body to handle.

We suggest around 3 minutes (there is a timer in the room) and monitor this with how you feel and exit early if needed.

This is dependent upon your individual needs, but being consistent is the key!

Yes. This will remove sweat from your body before entering the ice bath. Keep the shower lukewarm/cool and short. Rinse off and then enter the bath for your icy plunge!


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Combine with other therapies

Bundling therapies to create the ultimate day at LōKAHI can provide the most benefits to your body.