Understand your body better by undertaking an assessment: knowledge is power.

  • Body Composition Analysis


    Understand your body’s health with a detailed analysis of your overall weight, skeletal muscle & body fat mass, BMI and percentage of fat, including your visceral fat.

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  • Vitamin Infusion IV Therapy


    As part of your first appointment you will have a consultation with a Nurse and Doctor to ensure this therapy will be suitable for you.

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  • Cryolipolysis Consultation


    To ensure Cryolipolysis (non-invasive liposuction) is right for you, we have a free consultation to talk through your goals and suitability.

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Assessments that give drive and direction.

If you are unsure where to start, an initial assessment can help you to understand you better!

Our clients love feeling better.

Feedback from our clients is so cool, we love to know how a therapy has helped!

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