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The Body Composition Analyser provides detailed information regarding the distribution of water throughout the body to give an overall indicator of health.

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Start tracking your body’s health and use it to guide your nutrition and exercise choices.

The experience

The Body Composition Analyser uses the bioelectrical Impedance analysis (BIA) method to measure body water. It does this by applying a small alternating current to the body which changes depending on the level of water in the body.

You simply stand on the foot pad and hold the hand grips. The machine receives signals back and this indicates the composition of the the body and its components including body water, proteins, minerals and fats.

We’ll chat through your results and show you how to read this on the print our provided. You are all done in around 10 minutes!

Body Composition Analysis - FAQs

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You are provided with a print out of your results at the end of your scan. This will also be automatically uploaded to the Evolve App so you can download at any time, and also review additional scans to track your progress.


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