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CVAC Therapy Benefits

CVAC is based on the benefits created by constant and rapid pressure changes. As you sit in the pod, an external vacuum pump adjusts the barometric pressure inside, simulating increases and decreases in altitude that range from sea level to over 22,500 feet. Just like exercise training requires the body to adapt to increased workloads to improve fitness, the dynamically cycling changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature, and air density of a CVAC session require the body to respond similarly. So, in a CVAC session, your fitness is improved by increased effort; and the challenges (or effort) are provided by varied changes in air pressure. The body naturally adapts to this increased demand and improves and accelerates fitness even more.

CVAC Therapy Available Options

A CVAC session needs to be experienced to understand the true benefits and FEEL the results.

The experience

You will sit back and relax in the CVAC Pod, taking regular sips of water throughout your session. Your first time will include an additional 5 minute ear clearing check.

During your session, as the pressure changes, there are changes in the temperature and density of the air. There will be brief periods of warmer air and of cooler air. You will need to clear your ears as the pressure changes. In a CVAC Session, air is drawn out of the CVAC Pod, creating a low-pressure environment, and making the air thinner and cooler. Fresh, filtered air is dynamically returned to the CVAC Pod; this varies the density of the air.

CVAC Therapy FAQs

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Here are the most common questions around the CVAC session. If you have additional questions please feel free to email us at

Individuals at all levels of fitness seeking to improve their physical conditioning have taken CVAC™ Sessions totaling thousands of hours. Ear-clearing techniques are learned prior to CVAC Sessions to reduce the chances of any ear discomfort.

Dynamic changes to low-pressure air inside the CVAC Pod provide varying loads patterned to cause optimal adaptation to the body’s energy systems.

No, it is not altitude training.

The goal of the CVAC Process is not to cause an acclimatization response. The goal is to provide adaptation-based physical conditioning.

The CVAC Process exposes the body to changes in pressure, which set up waves of tension and resolution. The body’s adaptation response to these changes naturally and inevitably results in improved physical conditioning. This adaptation response is comparable to what happens when a person participates in physical activities that facilitate body adaptation such as swimming, yoga, interval and resistance training. All of these processes employ tension and resolution.

The CVAC Pod involves a low-pressure, dynamically varying environment. Fresh air is pumped in and pulled out. The hyperbaric chamber provides a static, high-pressure environment that is of high oxygen content.

Benefits similar to those gained through traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise; allowing you to achieve better oxygen utilization, improved anaerobic energy production and improved metabolic waste removal.

To assure safety and comfort in each CVAC Session, we recommend that all individuals are without any physical indicators of an acute cold, flu, sinus allergies or infection, toothache or dental infection, swelling in the throat, or any condition that would prevent them from equalizing the pressure in their ears while using the CVAC System.

You can watch your session progression via the computer screen outside the pod as it charts the peaks, plateaus, valleys and drops, including the finish time of the session.


How to Prepare

A CVAC session is a comfortable and relaxing experience, with a few preparation recommendations.

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