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60 mins



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Therapy Benefits

Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. A safe and effective procedure, it’s purpose is to eliminate fat cells in a particular area of your body, using low temperatures (below freezing).

The experience

We will escort you to the change room to undress and place on the robe, gloves and socks we provide – to keep your extremities warm during the session.

The Chamber will be ready to go, you can step inside and then slip your robe off and hand to one of our team. Then the freeze begins!

Our Cryotherapy Chamber is cold – at minus 160 Degrees Celsius. However, because you are only in the chamber for a few minutes, it is bearable.

Once its all done, you can robe up again and exit the Chamber and feel amazing!

Cryolipolysis Available Options

We look forward to helping you sculpt your body and any areas you feel can improve.

Cryolipolsis FAQs

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Here are some common asked questions around this treatment option.

There is a tingling sensation due to the below freezing temperature used, however this should not be painful.

We suggest around 6-12 sessions, however results are dependent upon the area selected and will vary. You typically will see some results from your first session! We discuss this in depth during your initial consultation where we can provide more information for you.


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