Lymphatic Drainage


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Therapy Benefits

The lymphatic system is like your body's garbage disposal system, without clearing this (through movement) your toxins will build up and your immune system will not function effectively.

Lymphatic Drainage Available Options

Dependent upon your goals and needs, we have options to suit.

The experience

Take a seat in our reclining chairs for maximum comfort. We’ll assist you in to our Normatec suits: either legs, arms, hips or a combination.

The suits are connected to a power base, which you can control the level at any time. Air will slowly be pumped in to the suits and create a pulsating pattern mobilising your lymph fluid.

It’s not painful, rather like a gentle massage. Our sessions run for 60 minutes and you can enjoy a drink or close your eyes in the quiet zone.

Lymphatic Drainage FAQs

Virtual 360° tour

We deeply care about you and your body needs. We spend a lot of time understanding your needs so you use the best therapies.


How to Prepare

Time in the lymphatic suits are a breeze, and super effective when you prepare a little.

Make a Lymphatic Drainage Booking

Ready to mobilise your lymph fluid? We'll see you soon!

Combine with other therapies

Bundling therapies to create the ultimate day at LōKAHI can provide the most benefits to your body.