Therapy Benefits

Floating was established as a form of therapy in the early 1950’s, and the studies conducted have shown it can deliver many benefits.

Float Tank Therapy Available Options

We have two float options available - which best suits your needs?

The experience

Going for a “float” can make people feel a bit nervous. We totally understand! You can choose to wear bathers or your birthday suit (most people’s preference!). Before you enter the tank you’ll have a quick cool shower before immersing yourself in the pod, closing the lid softly as you enter.

You can leave the light on or off in the pod, and have the option to listen to music or a guided meditation.

Watch our video and get ready to relax!

Float Tank Therapy FAQs

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Floating is an amazing experience, but we are sure you have some questions on what to expect. If it's not answered here or in our FAQ page then please ask us and we'll get on it!

You have total control over your comfort. You can leave the light on. You can leave the door to the float pod open, and you can exit the room whenever you like.

All amenities, including basic hair products, body wash, towels, robes, and hair dryers, are provided. If you require a hair brush or specific hair or body products, please bring your own.

A bathing suit is also totally optional – most people float nude as all rooms are private and you float solo.

Some people do fall asleep safely in the relaxing world of a float pod. Because of the high salt content, you will float whether you’re awake or asleep. You float on your back, and your nose and mouth are always well above the water line.

We recommend waiting at least one week to let your colour fully set. We don’t want the salt affecting the colour, or your colour bleeding into the water. If the colour is not rinsing out when you shower, it’s usually fine to float.


Though our pods are very spacious, they’re only meant for a single person to fully stretch out.

It’s 35 degrees Celsius, which is the same temperature as the surface of your skin. It’s neither warm nor cold, but rather very neutral

The 500kgs of Epsom salt dissolved in the salt solution of the float pod which creates the effortless part of floating. No matter your size, when you recline into the warm water, your body will float like a cork. EVERYONE floats.

The high concentration of salt creates a very hostile environment for all sorts of germs and bacteria. More importantly, the water is run through a filtration and purification process 4 times. Each system utilizes a large pool filter, hydrogen peroxide, an oxygen filtration system and ultra-violet sterilizer.

Before you float, you take a quick shower to remove body oils and products. After, you shower to remove the salty residue from your skin and hair.

The salt water can sting wounds, so we provide packets of petroleum jelly in each room to cover any problem areas. But if this is a open wound we suggest not floating until its healed.

Ideally, don’t shave at least 8 hours before your float. The salty water can be irritating or itchy if you do.

We ask that you don’t float whilst menstruating


How to Prepare

Fully immerse yourself in the float experience. Here are a few things to consider.

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