It’s a word you may not have heard a lot about, but mitochondria is super important in the body!

  • Mitochondria are important for your body because they are responsible for producing most of the energy that your cells need to function. They are the powerhouses of the cell, converting nutrients into energy for your body to use.
  • When mitochondria are not functioning correctly, it can lead to a decrease in energy production, which can lead to fatigue, poor physical performance, impaired cognitive function, and various other health issues.
  • Aside from being vital for energy production, they help to store calcium, which aids with muscle contractions and many other physiological processes.
  • They also play a key role in slowing down the ageing process and help to regulate our body temperature by producing heat.

Taking steps to ensure that your mitochondria are functioning optimally and in abundance is essential for your overall health and wellbeing.

All therapies at LoKAHI Wellness can support your mitochondria – chat with us to learn which will be most suited to your individual needs and health goals. We’re always happy to help!

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