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Cultivating Wellness at Lokahi Wellness

Prevention isn’t just about avoiding illness; it’s about proactively nurturing your well-being. It’s about making choices that empower your body to thrive, build resilience, and navigate the challenges life throws your way. At Lokahi Wellness, we’re here to partner with you on this journey of proactive health, providing tools and support to keep you feeling your best.

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Suggested Therapies for Prevention

Self care is important, and choosing therapies that best align with how we want to feel and areas to support is vital.


Maintaining Your Self-Care: The Cornerstone of Prevention

Self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s about prioritizing your physical and emotional needs, creating space for relaxation and rejuvenation. We offer therapies like float tank therapy to help you achieve deep states of relaxation, reduce stress, and promote better sleep – all critical factors in strengthening your body’s defenses. Additionally, vitamin infusion IV therapy provides a targeted boost of essential nutrients, optimizing your internal environment for optimal health.

Staying Active: Moving Your Body for Long-Term Health

Regular physical activity is a cornerstone of preventive care. It strengthens your heart and lungs, improves circulation, and boosts your immune system. We offer personalized guidance and support to help you find activities you enjoy, whether it’s joining a fitness class, exploring the outdoors, or simply incorporating daily movement into your routine.

Consistency is the Key: Building Sustainable Habits

Prevention isn’t a one-time fix; it’s about building sustainable habits that support your well-being in the long run. At Lokahi Wellness, we emphasize consistency and gradual change, helping you incorporate healthy practices into your daily life. Lymphatic drainage, for example, can become a regular part of your routine, promoting detoxification and supporting your body’s natural immune function.

Therapeutic Options for Your Healing Journey

Seeking balance and a renewed sense of well-being? Explore our diverse range of therapies, designed to address your unique needs.

Float Therapy

Float Tank Therapy

Dive into deep states of relaxation, where your body releases tension and cortisol, hormones linked to inflammation and weakened immunity. Float therapy can enhance your sleep quality, a critical factor in overall health.

Vitamin Infusion IV Therapy

This personalized therapy delivers essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream. This can address nutrient deficiencies that may impact your immune system and overall health.

Compression Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy

This gentle massage technique stimulates the lymphatic system, your body’s natural waste removal network. This helps eliminate toxins, metabolic waste, and excess fluid, and supporting your immune response.

Our Clients Love. Feeling. Better.

Feedback from our clients is so cool, we love to know how a therapy has helped!

Naomi M
Naomi M
23 August 2023
Every time it’s fantastic
Tara J
Tara J
17 August 2023
I have been to Lokahi for two vitamin infusions in the last month due to being unwell. The team at Lokahi (specifically Holly, Julia & Kerrie) were so great words can't even explain. I went in so sick due to an anaesthesia reaction & they made me feel so comfortable & looked after. The nurses are so knowledgable & empathetic too. They have a beautiful relaxation/waiting area which they don't rush you out of post treatment so you can sit, have a tea and wait until you feel ready to go. Such a positive experience & will definitely be back in future.
Angelica Martinez
Angelica Martinez
17 August 2023
I love this place!!! I went for a flotation therapy and I love it. The staff are friendly and approachable. They give you a tour of all the services they have. I went for a float therapy and the experience was really relaxing. The place is clean, organised and the environment invites you to feel safe and relaxed. Definitely I will be back to try another type of therapy
Caroline C
Caroline C
14 August 2023
I’ve experienced IV infusions, sauna and float therapy with Lokahi and recommend all. All staff are excellent and help me feel very welcome and cared for. The facilities are excellent and clean. I’m a member and need to spend more time here. Highly recommend.
John Doe
John Doe
14 June 2023
Staff and facilities are excellent. I felt great after my infrared sauna and a shower.
Steven Luong
Steven Luong
25 May 2023
Went to try out the oxygen pod the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it as I was sore from playing sports multiply days recently and it was just the right treatment I needed to help with recovering. Special thank you to Ben being so friendly and informative during my visit.
pete ash
pete ash
25 April 2023
Fantastic for recovery of body and mind

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